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Workshops and Training

Elevate, Inc. offers a broad base of “people focused” training and coaching services. Consider some of the following options:

Career Navigation for Employees
For employees at any level within an organization seeking to align their talents with the needs of the organization. Employees will complete a comprehensive career assessment to outline their individual strengths and priorities. Further, employees will learn the multiple avenues for growth including enrichment in their current position, lateral development or advancement.
Benefit to the employer: Retention, Succession Planning, Talent Development

This workshop is suited to both technical and non-technical employees. We focus on the fundamentals of effective face-to-face communication, why communication is often flawed and how to overcome many of the typical misunderstandings that occur in the work environment. Communication styles and specific techniques to communicate with people with different approaches and preferences will be addressed. Further, models to resolve conflicts and provide feedback are included.
Benefit to the employer: Healthy Culture, Leadership Development, Higher Productivity and Competitive Edge Over Competition

Team Building
Creating a shared vision, clear roles and models for decision making are important building blocks for successful team functioning. Training is this area is customized to focus on the team stage of development and position within the organization. Elements covered will include the development of a shared vision, methods to collaborate, communication strategies, conflict resolution and goal setting.
Benefit to the employer: Improved Productivity, Healthy Culture and Collaborative Strength

Executive Coaching
Leaders receive personalized development to overcome obstacles and capitalize on their strengths.
Coaching to Reinforce Training:
Training effectiveness and retention hinges on a personalized approach. Many organizations will pair training and coaching for the maximum benefit.

Career Coaching
On the Job: Employees want to feel they are both growing and appreciated. Having a career development plan and ongoing support is key to retention of talent. Sadly the boss is often the reason employees will leave so the intervention of outside consultation is often key to successful employee career development.

Career Transition
Elevate, Inc. offers highly personalized one-on-one and workshop-based outplacement services.

What are your goals? Are you developing a strategic plan for the upcoming year, are you seeking methods to strengthen the leadership team or does everyone need a fun, entertaining break….or maybe a little bit of everything. Let us design the off-site that suits your specific needs.

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