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Off-Sites and Retreats

trgElevate, Inc.  invites you to have an off-site that leaves a meaningful impact on your leadership team.  

Call us to:

  • Develop a strategic plan containing a relevant mission, vision and commitments.  Work together to set goals that will propel your organization forward. 
  • Update or create a revenue model, strategic objectives and goals for the coming year.
  • Have bold, unedited conversations that build team understanding and strength.
  • Complete assessments that will help your team improve communication and productivity.
  • Participate in experiential activities that make a meaningful impact on team functioning.
  • Plan day-long meetings or weekends that allow your key leaders to have fun and develop relationships that go beyond the standard daily routine.
  • Create an opportunity to innovate.
  • Keep your organization healthy, growing and ahead of the competition.
  • Maintain an ongoing relationship with Elevate, Inc. with follow-up executive coaching.

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