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Q1. What is the philosophy behind your career coaching services?

Elevate, Inc. was established in 1990 to meet the needs of individuals seeking comprehensive career assessment and employment services. Your coach will help you find a new job or help you change careers with attention to you as a “whole” person. Your professional advancement potential, significant relationships, health, spiritual priorities and financial concerns will be considered as you create your new career situation.

Our philosophy is based on the belief that you are capable of improving your career situation and finding work that is satisfying. We will tell you up front that this is going to involve significant effort on your part. Our commitment is to provide highly responsive, customized services to assist you in your career transition.

Q2. Do your coaches have any experience working with individuals in my field?

Our coaches are trained career development professionals. We are not experts in your field, but we may have worked with other individuals who share your background. Our clients come from engineering, law, senior management, information technology, biotechnology and education (to name a few). Our job is to help you identify your natural talents and your transferable skills. From there we help you find out what positions or career fields will match your unique capabilities. We teach you how to generate a professional network. We do not create it for you. Therefore, you can see that experience working with a coach who shares your background would be helpful, but it is not essential.

Q3. How, specifically, can you help me get a job?

Job search is a strategic process. Your coach will teach you a step-by-step methodology that is based on current research and a proven success record. Our approach is structured and clear. We will keep you organized, efficient and motivated. Our job search strategies will clear up many of the problems you are facing (like not knowing where to start or wasting your time with job sites on the internet). You will be trained by your coach…not via a set of pre-packaged binders. 

Upon helping you identify clear employment goals, we will assist you in a market research process. You will analyze the number of potential openings and avoid shooting for unattainable career options. You will be guided through further research to learn about the field you will be entering. We will provide the names, addresses and phone numbers of contact persons in your target market. Next, you will practice what to say in each of your networking meetings. You will be assisted with the development of all your job search correspondence. Your resume will be fully revised by our expert resume writers. You will be trained in interviewing and salary negotiation. In expense, you will be guided to make the right moves while your competition is making mistakes.

Q4. What makes Elevate, Inc. different from larger national firms?

Our Associates have Advanced Degrees at both the Masters and PhD. levels as well as extensive coaching and business experience. This allows us to deal with you as a “whole” person. We realize that your personal life, finances, self-image, relationships and spiritual life are impacted by your career. Further, we have worked in management or executive positions so we understand the complex situations you are attempting to juggle. At other firms, the staff is generally trained in sales or human resources. They are trained to deliver pre-packaged programs and may suggest that you will have a hard time finding a job if you do not work with them.

At Elevate, Inc. we know that you have all the talent you need to manage a successful career transition. Our job is to provide you with personalized insights and strategies to improve the quality of the job offers you generate. Our clients tell us that they knew we were “different” from the other career firms the minute they walked into to our office (in a good way!).

Q5. What is the cost of your career coaching services?

Our initial session costs $90 and lasts for up to one and one-half hours. Our fees are about one third lower than both local and national career development firms. We can achieve this because we are smaller (lower overhead) and because we strive to make our services affordable. We do not publish our service programs or prices on the web because our approaches are unique and may be of interest to other firms.

Q6. Can you help me if I don’t know what I want to do?

If you feel you are lacking a sense of direction, we can assist you! Lacking a career focus is normal and can be resolved through a combination of formal assessments and personalized coaching.

Q7. Can you help me if I’ve already completed an array of assessments and I still feel lost?

Many of our clients have completed career assessment courses at the local colleges or took an assessment years ago in high school. If this sounds like you, you may feel that you did not get the direction you were seeking. The reason is the nature of testing that generally occurs in public settings is less sophisticated than the tools we use at Elevate, Inc. Also, most workshops or classes use tools that do not relate to one another, (a values card sort, the Self Directed Search, a skill card sort or the Strong Interest Inventory) and then hope you will see the connections in the overwhelming pile of data you have generated.

At Scully Career Associates, Inc. we use an integrated career discovery tool called Elevations. This effective tool gives you specific feedback on the careers that match your interests, aptitudes and values as well as feedback on your leadership capabilities and the best corporate culture for you.

So….we are different and can help you find a focus even if you’ve taken a number of assessments already. The one-on-one coaching, in conjunction with our testing methods will help you see what careers are best for you.

Q8. How well do your coaches know the Sacramento market place?

We are a Sacramento-based firm and our coaches live in this area. We attend local professional meetings and participate in the Sacramento Chamber of Commerce. We can assist you in hooking up with local organizations and will facilitate networking meetings.

Q9. Can you help me if I live outside Sacramento or want to relocate nationally or internationally?

Yes. Job search can be conducted from a distance but it creates a set of obstacles that must be strategically addressed. Our coaches can help you do this.

Q10. How does career coaching work over the phone?

While there is no substitute for a face-to-face meeting, “tele-coaching” can be very time and cost efficient. You are allowed the flexibility of accessing your coach from anywhere at a wide range of times. This can help an executive in a busy job fit in his or her transition work while maintaining confidentiality.

We have experience conducting both career assessment work and employment coaching over the phone. You will call your coach at the time of your pre-arranged appointment. Sessions vary in length, depending on the work that needs to get done. E-mail is also a useful tool to accelerate communication with your coach. Many “tele-coaching” clients visit their coach in person eventually, and this can be a great boost to the coaching relationship.

Q11. Do you provide placement assistance?

Not in the “formal” sense. Since we are a well-known organization serving professionals and executives in transition, Sacramento-based recruiters will periodically share openings with us. But, we are not a placement agency and do not find jobs for our clients.

Q12. Do you work with executive recruiters?

We teach you how to work with recruiters. We will help you identify the credible recruiters in your field and teach you how to work with them effectively. We maintain an extensive list of recruiters in the Sacramento area exclusively for our clients.

Q13. What, exactly, do you do (and I realize the process is customized for each person)?

Overall Strategy:

  • Hold you accountable for agreements.
  • Keep you from settling out of fear or lack of information.
  • Provide motivation and support during your transition.
  • Set the bar as high and fast as you can tolerate.
  • Provide objective observation regarding your professional potential, talents, image, attitude and behavior (as it relates to the achievement of your career goals). Offer this feedback clearly, calmly and in a manner that you can hear it.
  • Teach you communication skills and strategies.
  • Attend to you as a total person (health, relationships, spiritual, etc.) as they are impacted by your career and life choices.


Q14. How do I get started?

Please call us at 916.357-6518 to set up your initial appointment or contact us using the reply/response tool included in this web site. You do not need to have anything prepared for your first meeting. Simply expect to be asked to describe the obstacles you are facing and the goals you’d like to achieve. Your coach will take it from there. We take appointments during the week, in the evenings and on Saturdays.

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